R46 R36 R42 R52 Military Outdoor Police, Law Enforcement Tactical double rifle case Gun Case

R46 R36 R42 R52 Military Outdoor Police, Law Enforcement Tactical double rifle case Gun Case

    • Heavy-duty double gun case with padded shooting mat
    • Ability to carry up to 3 rifles or shotguns and 4 pistols
    • Plenty of storage space for magazines, boxes of ammo and accessories
    • Carry with either a handle, shoulder strap, or backpack style
    • Measures
    • R30  30″ x 35″,  BLACK
    • R36  36″ x 35″,  BLACK, TAN OD
    • R42  42″ x 13.5″ BLACK, TAN , OD MULTICAM
    • R46  46″ x 35″,   BLACK, TAN OD
    • R52   52″ x 13.5″ BLACK
    • Packing 6 pcs per case.












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R46 R36 R42 R52 Military Outdoor Police, Law Enforcement Tactical double rifle case Gun Case has the ability to carry up to 3 rifles or shotguns and 4 pistols. It has 3 mag pouches. This padded rifle carrying case is what you need to protect your rifle during transport, whether in your vehicle or in the field. With its heavy thick foam and adjustable tie downs, you can be sure your optics are not going to get knocked about. The zippers are tough enough to meet the demanding conditions required by the military and law enforcement. There is plenty of storage space for magazines, boxes of ammo, cleaning kits and other accessories. This gun case features three carrying methods: A standard handle in center of the bag, a shoulder strap and back-pack style shoulder harness. For muddy or rough terrain the padded insert can also double as a shooting mat by attaching to the case via Velcro.

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upc code:

810062011902 R30BK 30 inch

810062011742 R36BK 36 inch
810062011780 R36OD 36 inch
810062011797 R36CT 36 inch

810062011841 R42BK 42 inch
810062011803 R42OD 42 inch
810062011810 R42CT 42 inch
810062012305 R42-Multi 42 inch

810062011391 R46BK 46 inch
810062011834 R46OD-A 46 inch
810062011827 R46OD-B 46 inch
810062011834 R46TAN 46 inch

810062016846 R52BK 52 inch
810062017201 R52Tan 52 inch
810062017232 R52OD 52 inch

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 2 reviews
by Richard on EXPLORER BAG
Great rifle bag

Purchased this bag a year ago and this bag has worked out perfect. It allows me to carry my AR15, Shotgun, and a pistol together in one bag and head for the range.
I like it so much I'm looking at buying another one as a birthday gift.

by Edward Johnson on EXPLORER BAG

Best Gun Case! Explorer make very good gun case

We love to use this products!


  1. Peter

    Hello, It would be nice to know each bag how many does it hold the mag??? I have AK and AR each have 6 mags… so I wonder which right bag will it fit all in? include a handgun or 2… thanks

  2. Dan

    I purchased ones of your R42 3 rifle cases!  Nice case but mine came with four Velcro straps inside one each side instead of 3 velcro straps down the middle of each side like all the pictures show!  I like the security of the 3 straps hold rifle with scope!  Could tell me why mine is different? Thank you!

    1. Laura

      Hi, I’m wondering the same as Eddie (above).

      Which models of rifle cases have the option to store the backpack straps in a zipper compartment?

      I’m looking for a 42 or 46 inches case but really want to be able to tuck away the straps?

      Anything other model then the Hard Stone?? Need better front compartments.

      1. admin

        Hi Eddie, Hi Laura, The back pack straps are only for you to tuck away the straps. That is not designed for you to store any rifle here.
        As for which models have this feature, it will depend on dealers stock. New stock have this feature. But the old version allow you to remove the straps completely and put into front pocket, or leave it at home if you do not need that. Some one like that also. Either one is a good design. Please ask dealer if you like one of them.

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