Hello Customers!!!

We would like to thank you so much for supporting us throughout the years!!!
This month, Explorer is going to be offering you a free Bag!

Here’s how! We are looking into designing and developing a new bag. In order to introduce it to the world, we’d love for you to submit your ideas for a design along with feedback. If your concept gets picked and placed into production, you’ll receive that bag for free!! So go ahead and submit your thoughts or ideas via email; we would love to hear from you! Hopefully you get picked!
Please email to

1.) Do you have a range bag or any bag that you’re not happy with? It can be from any vendor or from us as well! Tell us how you really feel and how we can improve it! Show us through pictures so we can enhance that item making it better! Go ahead and let us know what your opinions are; we look forward in hearing from you soon !!

2.) Not Happy with items? Would you like to make adjustments to our items? Is there an item that you think you can upgrade ? Please let us know how we can make our Explorer brand better, tell us what you would change, for instance possibly carrying it in a different color or size? Give us your feedback, we would love to hear it and make some great bags with your great idea on it.


  1. Thomas Hayden

    what is supposed to be on end of key ring? Mine arrived with just ring and small length of chain. Otherwise really impressed with explorer bag. Everyone at the range tries to steal it from me.

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