Item#H6 — Johnson Vehicle Gun Holster Police Belt Pouch Seat Belt Holster

  • Most small to medium handgun can be fitted in this holster giving you quick access whenever you need it. Perfect for Self Defense or Personal Defense.
  • A wide variety of item can be carried with this pouch such as keychain, stun guns, pepper spray gun, flashlight, Cell Phone, Ipod, Tools, Knives or any self defense weapons
  • This holser can be easily latched onto any seat belt without leaving any residual marks or damage
  • This Gun Pouch is fully compatible with any other M.O.L.L.E. System
  • You can also carry this bag in your belt as a utility pouch. This is very useful for some technicians that need to carry some tools in the field



H6-5 H6-3 H6-2 H6-1 JOHNSON JESSE PICTURE H6-7 H6-6


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